The Cube Theater









             "Like a Private Island in the middle of Las Vegas"




Welcome to the official Home Page of the exclusive Cube Theater. 




   The Cube Theater is the private VIP showcase theater of World-Champion Show Pianist, Ryan Ahern.  Available by invitation only, the Cube Theater is NOT a commercial theater.  All Guests must be personally notified and invited to attend an event here.  Events include private musical concerts, HD movie presentations, Sports and Media special events like UFC and Boxing pay-per-view, Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, Oscars, and other special presentations and screenings.

   The Cube Theater can accomodate up to 60 people in plush leather home theater style stadium seating.  Each chair has overstuffed armrests, drink holders, and foot ottoman.  There are also 4 full size Italian Leather sofas and love seats for those who perfer an even more relaxed viewing experience.

  The Cube theater contains the latest in Blu-Ray Cinema Quality HD projection and digital surround sound.  The full size theater movie screen provides the ultimate VIP movie watching experience. 

  The live music performance aspect of the theater boasts Ryan's 9' Concert Baldwin Grand Piano, a custom 10 piece Yamaha Rock Tour masters drum set, Guitars, Amps, two 24 channel snakes, as well as Sophisticated lighting, lasers, blacklights, strobes, disco ball, and fog machines.  Famous artists friends of Ryan prefer to rehearse here in his gated, private facility because the location is hidden, secure, and armed security patrol 24/7.  There is no other theater in Las Vegas that can offer the private exclusivity and annonymity as does the Cube Theater.

  The Cube Theater also has the Ryan Ahern Merchandise Shop which is a self contained gift shop that can be used as a bar or buffet area, if needed, complete with popcorn cart, sno-cone cart, and cotton candy cart.


  Courtyard area can easily handle over 70 people seated for dinner service, and nearly twice that many in a standing cocktail reception style party.  There is a fully built in concession bar in the courtyard for drink service and a full size commercial prep kitchen for catering.

  Backstage facilities and restrooms complete this underground speakeasy style hidden gem in the middle of Las Vegas.  Designed by Ryan Ahern, it is a theater going experience that is simply hard to beat. 




"I hope you enjoy coming over to my little theater,

its been a wonderful experiencing building it and

hosting some memorable events for all of my

friends, family, and fans.  We'll see you at the next one!"

                                                                     -Ryan Ahern







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